Thursday, August 27, 2009

happiest birthday boy

how can you not smile at this little guy, just one year old and happy as can be. even i couldn't stop smiling! and to top it off, it was a gorgeous day! and even though the session was supposed to be for the little guy we managed to sneak in a few with mom and dad (even if it was just their toes). it was hard to pick just a few, they are all so much fun. here goes nothing...

oh and did i mention the ice cream? oh yes, there was birthday ice cream. a fun and sticky mess but cute none the less. happy birthday little man!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

must run in the family

this is a special birthday post. as i celebrate my birthday today i thought it would be fun to show off my very own birth announcement! yes, this is what my parents sent out when i was born. and yes, i am the one being held upside down by my brother. i thought it was a pretty creative announcement and worth sharing. so enjoy!