Sunday, December 28, 2008

handmade goodies

I realized over the holidays that when I say I love to create things, I am not lying. Once the holidays rolled around my head filled with ideas of gifts and decorations to make, if only there was time for it all! Here is a small glimpse into some of the things I made pictured below:

corn pillows: filled with corn and can be microwaved for hours of warmth, I think I made about 20. So I may have gotten a little carried away. But I was having fun!

stockings: all I could find in the stores was Hannah Montana or other Disney themed stockings (not quite my style). So I decided why not make some! So they are not quite perfect, and could barely hold what Santa left in them but they are unique and are definitely more my style.

I also made a hand painted sign for my sister-in-law (sadly not pictured) and a few doggie beds for the pup. Needless to say I had a lovely time and I am already making a list for next year.